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Kimmy & Friends * Prom

Last friday I had the awesome privilege to do a few photos of Kimmy and some of her friends for their Prom.  They all attend Mount Paran Christian School.  This was the first time I had ever personally met Kimmy.  Let’s just say that she has the coolest personality and she is beautiful.  All the guys and girls were gorgeous all decked out in their prom attire.  Below are just a few pics.  I also put together a little slideshow to highlight a few more images–Click on the link at the bottom of this post to see show.  I will have all of the proofs up by thursday morning for you to view all the pics.  To view and purchase prints just click on the proofs tab at the top of the blog.

 Anyways meet Kimmy!!!!!


Check out the  SLIDESHOW

Drew * Jennifer — Mini Engagement Session

I want everyone to meet Drew and Jennifer. I will be photographing their wedding in June.  I always love meeting my clients before the BIG day.  They already had engagement photos done by another photographer so at our final meeting I brought the camera along and did a 20 minute shoot with them.  I absolutely loved hanging with them for a little while.  I am looking forward to rocking out some photos at their wedding.  Gonna be a blast and I am almost positive their wedding will be a lot of fun!!! 

Meet Drew and Jennifer

It’s all gone! Landon’s Haircut!

Well the day has come Landon (my son) finally received a real hair cut.  He will be 3 on wednesday so we decided that we wanted his hair cut.  Well to be truthfully honest we were tired of people calling him a little girl.:) Landon don’t worry I once had hair just like you!  The first pic is me when I was his age.  Gotta love the resemblance!

Me back in the day!

Landon on Thursday with the cheese smile:)

Hair Cut Time:(

AshleyApril 18, 2009 - 11:10 pm

Aww, his new haircut is super cute!!

Mom (Granna)May 1, 2009 - 2:47 am

My precious lil’ Landon looks so cute! Boy! That brings back the great memory of Daniel’s first hair cut! He finally looked like a lil’ man! Landon you are soooooooooooo looking good with your first hair cut too! I Love both of you very much!!!!!

Learning from others!

I am a learner.  I love learning as much as I can from people who are smarter than me at my craft.  I have had the opportunity to shoot with Brandylyn Lee on 2 occasions.  Everytime I shoot with her I learn a little something different.  On these shoots I am constantly observing what she is doing and storing the little “nuggets of wisdom” inside my thick skull.  If you ever for one minute think you have arrived as the ultimate artist your end is near.  I never want to assume that I know it all!!  We know what assuming does:) So be a learner never ever ever ever ever quit learning.

Anyways here are a few of my pics from a small wedding that I assisted her with.

I couldn’t decide which pic of the dress to post so here are all 3:)

I loved this glimpse of dad with his daughter!!!!

Brandy working her magic!

My Favorite shot of the day!

Brandy is going to hate me for posting these pics of her but I had to:)

brandyApril 20, 2009 - 8:55 pm

HIL.AR.I.OUS. seriously! did you have to show me in all my gloryyyyy??? you really magnified that little weakness that i have that caused me to google a certain medical procedure while you, jess and chad enjoyed the hoover dam (the last pic). AND on top of that… my lens hood is on backwards! i AM A PROFESSIONAL. seriously. just didn’t need the hood at the moment. :) and who is that in number 6? she looks HUNCHBACK! and it can’t be me. is it the same girl you took a picture of being arrested and tagged as me??? dan. we might not be friends anymore. i will let you know.

Hospital Bound in 10 Minutes!!!!–8 minute photo shoot

Well it’s not often that I get the chance to do a real photo session with my own kidos.  I wanted some new pics for the wall at the house so me and my wife decided to do a session with them today.  Well if you are a photographer and you have kids you know that taking pictures of your own kids can be a huge task.  Today was no exception!!!! I had this idea to take the kids to a greenhouse and take some pics there.  There was one major RULE from the owners of the greenhouse “don’t let the kids touch any flowers!!!!”  I thought I could use my mad fatherly skills and achieve the impossible.:)Everything for the first 8 minutes went great then Landon decided to try and grab a beautiful flower bud.  I simply reached down grabbed his arm to stop him—-he pulled away just like every 2 year old does and Snap Yes I SAID SNAPPPPPP!!!!  AAAAHHHHHHHH HHHHH His elbow popped out of socket:( My first thought was OH ****!!!!!  Yes, I actually thought a four letter word.  Then I thought for a second oh he is ok — then the infamous SCREAM came….. HE was not OK.  I am a terrible dad!!!  At least that is how I felt.  We took him to the emergency room and the wonderful doctor team just popped it right back into place.  Everything is cool and Landon was ready to play ball as soon as we returned home!!!!  

Below are a few of the photos that I was able to capture in our 8 minute photo shoot before the trip to the hospital.:)


Mommy with Landon in the Emergency room after the arm was all better

LOOK Dad you didn’t break my arm–Thank God



brandyApril 17, 2009 - 7:55 pm

that is sooooo funny! sorry. it just is. love #2. cuties!

Easter Joy! 35mm Days

I was going through some old images tonight and stumbled upon my trip to Israel in 2001.  At the time I was shooting film–Remember that stuff.:)I wanted to post this one pic before we head to church to celebrate the reason for the Christian Faith.  The empty tomb!!!  
Jesus is Alive and desires that we have a relationship with Him.  
Take the time today to thank Him for His infinite love that pursues screw-ups like you and me.  :)tombblog

Jan GrizzelApril 18, 2009 - 2:31 am

Great picture of the tomb – we were there also – it was an amazing journey…have hundreds of pictures – do you have yours on your web site somewhere..

BTY those are beautiful shots of your children – amazing..

C o n n e c t