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New Site-New Blog-New Portfolio-New Logo

It’s all new!!!! I have been working on updating my look for a few months now….This process has taken me forever because I have done 90% of it myself….All the new layouts…..I am just getting started with some major changes……I have so many more ideas for my brides that are gonna set me apart in the wedding industry as well as some new things coming for SENIORS!!!….I hope my new look displays my love for photography as well as a fresh look on some of my past photography…..I have some minor tweaking to still do but in the end I LOVE MY NEW LOOK!!!

I have seriously worked many hours on this image overhaul…… HERE are a few major changes…..

First of all my new LOGO!!! I really struggled over the logo for a long time….I wanted my name, I wanted a clean look with a bit of edge and I wanted it to print well on anything……Well my good friend Brian Kalwat of Eikon Designs put my vision into action…… He nailed it!!!

I also revamped my main page…..Yes it’s a flash website…..I know some of you hate flash websites well I have a reason for going flash….. 1. my images look better in flash…. 2. I can customize it however I want using Showit Sites….. 3. I have a mobile IPHONE / SMART PHONE plan that will debut in a few months that will allow mobile users as well as Web users to have a great experience at my site….

Here is a pic of the new danielstancil.com home page PLEASE notice when you go to my new site (the icon to the bottom right) allows you to go FULL SCREEN….Trust me you have to try it…..:)

The next major change is MY PORTFOLIO sites…. I took my favorite images from last year and built a custom gorgeous full screen image browser…..

I wanted my images to do the talking not me…..I personally LOVE it!!!!  Take some time in a minute and browse the GALLERIES (PS turn up your speakers)!!!!

Here are a couple of the portfolio layouts…..There are a few other minor changes that were major for me such as a nice contact page and a general pricing page……Some major things I am working on for upcoming brides is custom websites for them to utilize to brag on their big day….I am also working on a custom after wedding site where my clients can display the images from their wedding day in a really creative way….

Obviously if you don’t book me you don’t get that kind of treatment….:)

The truth of the matter is that brides are already building their own websites through different services and they look like …….. well you get my point…… so I am stepping up my game to offer them something custom!!!! Come on now that’s cool:)

Here is a screen capture of what that may look like for them…. This is Jennifer and Drews Wedding I shot back in June…..

ONE FINAL MAJJJJJOOOORRRRR Change!!!!! I am stoked about this….. I will be blogging differently from now on…..My blog I feel has been cluttered with lots of long long post…..NO MORE!!!!

Here is how I will display my photos on the blog from this day on…….The beauty of this little gem is that it’s IPHONE friendly as well as smart phone friendly….

I am really trying to stay ahead of the curve in the techno world….I am changing my way of doing business to make room for more business in the future….

Here is a how all of the past pics from this post will appear with my new widget….


Well now time to view all the changes in ACTIONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! Feel Free to leave me your thoughts below……

Also If you experience problems please let me know…..IT’s ALLLLLL NEWWWWWWW!!!!!

To view the site CLICK HERE!!!!!

DJFebruary 6, 2010 - 7:30 am

Great job with your site! … and awesome pics!

AngeFebruary 8, 2010 - 1:57 pm

Love it bro!! It looks AWESOME!!

Patti HaytonFebruary 15, 2010 - 3:18 pm

You have a wonderful gift for capturing a moment in breathtaking fashion! I truly enjoy your site and I like the changes you have put in place!

Art Photography — Canton Photo Artist

Over the past few days I have been going through old images that I had on my computer and have found a few gems that I am developing into art pieces…..Here is one of an old house down in South Georgia…..I have had some interest in the past of people wanting custom art for their decor….So here is one I am going to add to that collection……

I personally love it…

Snow fun 2010!!!

Well it snowed here in Canton which means the town basically shuts down for a couple of days when we have a little bit of the white stuff.  We took the liberty to hang out with our BFF’s (The Shirley Family).   Here are a few pics of our kidos & the Shirley kids playing a little in the snow!!

Left to right
Charlotte, Madison, Claire, Landon

I think Charlotte is about to take someone out:)

My kids are so cute:)

A little wipeout

Last Session of 09 – Darlene & Her Kidos

Well this week my awesome accountant for both of my LLC’s had a little baby Girl!!!  (If you are looking for a hard working accountant that knows her stuff give her a call this tax season she can help you out!) HER WEBSITE for contact:) She now has two beautiful kidos. Stone her oldest has the cutest head of hair I think I have ever seen.  Capturing a good photo of him was a challenge but I overcame his craziness with my fast camera skilz:)Then there is the 3 day old little baby girl!  She was precious.  SO beautiful!!!

Anyways this is my last photo opp for 2009.  I could not be more pleased to end my first year as a photog with this session.

Everyone meet Darlene and Her Kidos:)

I normally don’t do baby sessions but this one is beautiful I must say!

I could not believe how alert she was

This is something only a mother can do

Now this is a fun kido!!!

I love his shirt:)

Look out ladies:)

See what I mean about the hair:)

I don’t know what was said here but he liked it:)

A very proud Grandpa

Sam & Kristi Heath — Wedding

Well I first of all want to say a big thanks for my Aunt for referring me to the Bell family. I had a great time working with these two families on Kristi & Sam’s special day.  I hope these images captured the love that these two have for each other. Also please notice how crazy these guys are.

I will have all the proofs viewable on Sunday so check back and click on the link above that says BUY PROOFS to view your gallery.  This post also has a slideshow at the end so make sure you click on the link to view the Slideshow.  There are 100 more images in the slideshow.

Now for a few of my favorites from their wedding.


This is my new favorite makeup shot!

Seriously Beautiful!

Such a good moment

I showed my wife this pic and she said WOW!



The Groom!!

My Assistant Holly rocked these groom pics out!

Make sure you watch the slideshow for more fun:)

These girls were awesome!

The Ceremony

Exiting the ceremony!

This Picture is so true:)

The Wedding Party

and the FIRST Dance!!!

Now DONT forget you have to see 100 more pics in the SLIDESHOW

Watch Sam & Kristi’s day unfold!


If you wanna you can leave some love in the comment section below!


Donna BellDecember 18, 2009 - 1:12 am

Great job, Daniel and Holly!!!!

Keeli MaskJanuary 12, 2010 - 1:44 am

Daniel these are amazing!! I literally cried! The picture of Sam looking at Kristi walking down the aisle is breathtaking! I knew Sam and Kristi back in highschool and you couldnt have captured their personalities and love for each other any better! Wonderful job my friend!!! Congrats Sam and Kristi, beautiful wedding!

Cynthia WatsonJanuary 30, 2010 - 12:44 pm

WOW! These wedding pictures are amazing! You’ve taken so many that are not your typical, everyday wedding pictures—like Kristi sitting on the ottoman, & her wedding gown hanging by the fireplace. I could go on & on, but you & your assistant captured the day perfectly for this very special couple.

C o n n e c t