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Micah & Jessica Engagement

Well I wanted to give a shout out to my cousin Micah for popping the big question. The good part is Jessica said yes to him. Way to go bro! He had it all planned out. He went out to dinner ate a 30 dollar steak and threw up before he made it to the car because he was so nervous (I remember having the same thing happen to me). After that he took her to Walmart to stall because my mom had not finished the setup on the beach. Then it was on! He took her down to the beach where I had the privilege to shoot some beautiful photos of them.
Then it was the BIG QUESTION TIME
The best part about all of this was she had NO clue I was even taking pictures. After she had the ring on the sunset was gorgeous so I took a few bonus ones for them
I must say that was one of the best moments I have had shooting photos. To view some of the other photos from the evening click HERE

Jennifer SeaboltSeptember 23, 2008 - 4:50 pm

Those pics are AMAZING!! I had no clue you were that talented! :) jk… Seriously… they are great. Tell Micah that we said Congrats!!!

We need to get together with you guys soon…we miss seeing y’all.

I need to give you a call next time Matt & I need to have pics taken.

Take care and Tell Jess we said Hello…

Jen S.

Stephanie JonesSeptember 23, 2008 - 8:06 pm

WOW! That was an awesome shoot. U captured 1 of the best moments of their lives! Your doing an awesome job, I admire your work. I hope that if I can pursue photography, that I will B able 2 take pictures as good as yours R. Bravo! So u chargin yet?

C-Ya Later Stephanie

MicahSeptember 25, 2008 - 10:46 pm

Hey Hey. Dude, thank you so much for those pictures. They are amazing. Me and Jessie are so thankful that you could do this for us. You are the man. Ill catch you later,

carla mcleanOctober 7, 2008 - 1:55 am

the pics are great….i feel so old i cant believe micah is taking the plunge :) those are some really great pics :)

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