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Happy Birthday April * A must Read *

Well I want everyone to meet my sister’s only child!  April turned ONE today on April 30th.  What makes April really extra special is the fact that she was born last year on this day that my wonderful Grandmother passed away!  April 30th 2008 was a tough day for our family last year as we lost a dear woman who was the backbone of our family for many years.  It is always tough to say goodbye to someone you really love.

Last year I wrote this in a journal and I want to share it with you now:

“Have you ever had a moment where you just step away from a situation and realize that only God could work out an outcome like this? Well personally I have had many of those moments in my life. As I get older I am more and more aware of the little things in life that make me stand in awe of a God who loves us so dearly. One of those moments happened for the Summey Family Photoshoot. I received this message from Donna after the shoot –“I’m still so excited about our pictures. I can hardly stand it. I can’t wait to see the rest that you post on Monday. U know,,, I was just thinking of something and thought I’d share. God is so awesome and always works things out.. which you know that. But, we had nothing whatsoever to do with the location of these photos, right? Right! But, the pictures included EVERYTHING that Olivia enjoys doing outside… running, leaves, playing with daddy, finding rocks (which she refers to as treasures), and swinging on a tire (she has those at church and LOVES them).” If you are a parent you just have to step away from a moment like that and say “WOW GOD IS AWESOME”. Well let me tell you that one of these little God moments happened back in September when we were looking to purchase a dog for our family. To fully grasp the context of this story we were looking into possibly getting a Goldendoodle or a miniature schnauzer. I found a breeder in south Georgia that had both so I decided to buy a miniature schnauzer for my kids and buy a Goldendoodle and give it to my Grandfather. Now why give a dog to Grandaddy?  Well on April 30th my Grandmother (Betty Seabolt) went home to be with Jesus. If you have lost someone close to you then you understand the pain and loneliness that comes with the loss.  Well the small details are important. You see April the Dog was born on APRIL the 30th the same day my grandmother passed away!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

I know some of you are thinking God is not concerned with the minor details of our lives. Well, actually He is.  Over the first few months of April’s life she helped my Grandfather cope with the lonely aspects of loosing a loved one. Know this God DOES care for you.  No matter what pain or discomfort you may be going through reach out to Him and know that He is reaching out to you.  Don’t run any longer from a God who is pursuing you with an everlasting love.  He just wants you to know that He is concerned with every aspect of your life. 

My grandfather’s health has not been that great lately so my sister and her husband adopted April. They are excellent dog parents!!!  

So without further ramblings by me here is April today on her birthday!!!

I think I may add some smoke to this one. It looks like a cigarette:)

DanielMay 1, 2009 - 4:57 am

OMG… that was beautiful. I can personally relate to the ‘therapy’ of having a dog… they are precious and wonderful!

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