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Learning from others!

I am a learner.  I love learning as much as I can from people who are smarter than me at my craft.  I have had the opportunity to shoot with Brandylyn Lee on 2 occasions.  Everytime I shoot with her I learn a little something different.  On these shoots I am constantly observing what she is doing and storing the little “nuggets of wisdom” inside my thick skull.  If you ever for one minute think you have arrived as the ultimate artist your end is near.  I never want to assume that I know it all!!  We know what assuming does:) So be a learner never ever ever ever ever quit learning.

Anyways here are a few of my pics from a small wedding that I assisted her with.

I couldn’t decide which pic of the dress to post so here are all 3:)

I loved this glimpse of dad with his daughter!!!!

Brandy working her magic!

My Favorite shot of the day!

Brandy is going to hate me for posting these pics of her but I had to:)

brandyApril 20, 2009 - 8:55 pm

HIL.AR.I.OUS. seriously! did you have to show me in all my gloryyyyy??? you really magnified that little weakness that i have that caused me to google a certain medical procedure while you, jess and chad enjoyed the hoover dam (the last pic). AND on top of that… my lens hood is on backwards! i AM A PROFESSIONAL. seriously. just didn’t need the hood at the moment. :) and who is that in number 6? she looks HUNCHBACK! and it can’t be me. is it the same girl you took a picture of being arrested and tagged as me??? dan. we might not be friends anymore. i will let you know.

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